9-Year-Old Boy from Russia Sells His Pet Paintings & Uses the Money to Buy Food for Shelter Animals

No matter how small, making a positive change in the world is very important, especially nowadays when there are so many negative things going on.

And, this 9-year-old boy is a perfect example of this- he is a bright, talented, and kind child who is showing us the amazing power of new generations.

Indeed, new generations are coming up with some amazing solutions to issues adults have failed solving.

For Pavel Abramov, helping shelter animals wasn’t impossible and his talent for art has helped him achieve his goal.

Boy Donates Funds from Selling His Art to Animal Shelters

The boy who lives in Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod in Russia has been creating amazing pet portraits and uses the collected money to buy supplies and food for shelter animals.

The project Kind Paintbrush was started by Pavel and his mother, Ekaterina Bolshakova, and it was an idea of the young boy after they had lost their furry, four-legged friend.

They decided it’s high time to do something about the animals that have no one. In the memory of his Barsik (his former pet), he did something very creative and generous.

Pavel paints actual pets of owners who previously sign a deal to buy kilos of meat, porridge, and other important supplies for the shelter.

He gets to meet a lot of the pet models and even knows all of them by name. He uses a photo of the pet for directions and enjoys every moment of creating joy for families with pets, but helping the shelter animals too.

Pavel loves hearing about the heart-warming stories of pets that were rescued from the cold streets of Russia and they definitely motivate him to go further.

The Idea Has Spread Further

The brave initiative hasn’t just stayed in Arzamas city.

In fact, animal lovers throughout Russia and many abroad want to get their own pet portrait and also help an animal in need.

The young boy’s art has travelled to Germany and Spain. Who knows where he will send another painting next!

He’s the youngest volunteer in the Arzamas animal shelter which is currently housing 100 dogs.

His mother says that his whole family is proud of his project. She points out that Pavel’s dream is to become an architect and build a huge animal shelter. But, for now, he’s doing the best he can with his volunteer work and painting.




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