Kind Neighbours Repaint House of a Lonely & Retired Teacher

Life can be quite difficult when you’re alone and this was the case for Anne Glancey, a retired teacher living in Hamilto,n New Jersey. But, she’s indeed lucky to have wonderful neighbours who were there for her.

Anne had no friends or relatives and her budget was very low. Unfortunately, the authorities informed her that they may need to fine her for not making the necessary repairs to her home which violated several codes.

But, the married couple and close neighbours, Kristin and Adam Polhemus, didn’t turn their back on her- she showed them the warning letter which could result in huge fines if she didn’t make the necessary improvements.

She explained to them that she was lacking the financial means to do the repainting and other necessary improvements of her home.

Wonderful Community

Adamsaid that until he and his wife moved in, no one from the neighbours had talked with Anne. She had no relations with the people living in her closest surrounding.

But, they decided to help her- Kristin shared a post on her social media and invited all available neighbours to come to Anne’s house during the weekend and help repaint her home.

Here’s what she wrote:

‘Hamilton area friends! Are you free for a few hours this weekend? We need you!

Adam Polhemus and I could use your help for some exterior scraping/painting at the home of our elderly neighbour, Anne.

As you know, she received a hefty fine from the township for having peeling paint on the exterior of her home and she’s on a deadline to scrape and repaint her home to avoid the fine.

She’s limited in funds and the physical ability to do the wokr, and we’d love nothing more than to show her we care.’

She also added important info like the tools they need, the timings, etc. The task required 20 people.

She asked potential volunteers to reply to her invitation in order to know how many people will be available to help.

She even made lunch and dinner arrangements for the group of volunteers.

Amazingly, in a short amount of time, 25 people came to the rescue. Adam, Kristen, and Anne were all positively surprised.

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

In the following couple of weekends, the kind neighbours were on site and helping as much as they could. They had even donated the needed supplies to help finish the repaint before the deadline.

First, they scraped off the pain, then repainted it, fixed the broken siding and porch, spruced up the yard, and donated the old car to a charity.

The entire job would have cost Anne somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000. Anne is beyond grateful for the kindness, support, and generosity shown by her neighbours.

This kindness transformed her home, but also transformed her- she’s became more outgoing. The warm-hearted neighbours made a beautiful change in her life.

Kirsten wrote on her social media that a little love goes a long way and what they did made a huge difference in the historic home, but also in their dear neighbour’s heart.




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