98-Year-Old Mom Moves Into Nursing Home To Care For 80-Year-Old Son

Indeed, once a mother, always a mother.

And, this 98-year-old woman is the perfect example- she couldn’t stay separated from her son who she lived with her whole live.

So, she decided to move into the nursing home where her 80-year-old son was admitted so that they can continue living together.

Ada Keating continues taking good care of her son, regardless of where he is.

Mother & Son Lived Together for Long Period of Time

Ada Keating and her son Tom have lived together because Tom never married.

In 2016, he moved into the Liverpool Moss View Care Home since he needed additional care and support.

A year later, his mother decided to go into the nursing home too. She’s now saying goodnight to her son every night, as well as good morning.

Ada Keating, former auxiliary nurse, says that you never stop being a mom. Her son was a decorator and painter and is now very happy that his mother could be with him in the nursing home.

Together, they enjoy all the time they have and they often play games or watch Emmerdale. Originally, they’re from Wavertree, Liverpool and have had an amazing connection.

The mother recalls that when she goes out to the hairdressers, he’ll check to see when she will come back and when she does, he gives her big hugs.

Tom is the oldest of the four male children Ada had together with her late husband Harry. They also had three daughters, Margi, Barbara, and Janet who unfortunately passed away at the age of 13.

The whole Family Is Happy the Mother-Son Duo Is back Together

Ada worked as an auxiliary nurse at the Mill Road Hospital prior to retiring. Today, their family members regularly visit them at the care home and are genuinely happy that the mother-son duo is together again.

Ada’s granddaughter, Debi Higham, often visits her grandma and uncle in the home and said that ‘it’s reassuring for the whole family that they’re well-looked-after 24/7’.

Philip Daniels, manager of the nursing home, claims they’re happy to have these mother and son in their home.

They’re moved by their close relationship and notes that it’s rare seeing mothers and children together in care homes so they’ll try to make their time as special as they can.





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