Grow Veggies in Your Home all Year Long with IKEA’s Hydroponic Garden

Today, living in a small place is no obstacle to gardening-and with IKEA’s new hydroponic garden, you don’t even need to have an actual garden.

You can grow fresh produce in the comfort of your own home, no matter which season it is. Thanks to the hydroponic garden from the VAXER series and a bit of water, light, and love, you’ll get delicious, fresh, and organic veggies.

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You’ll be able to prepare your favorite recipes within 5 to 7 weeks. You needn’t worry about space, sunlight or fertile soil. This garden has your back!

IKEA Hydroponic Garden from the VAXER Series

The basic VAXER package includes seeds, starter plugs, a nursery box, fertilizer, pumice stone, and cultivation light. In an attempt to provide environmentally-friendly range of products, the popular furniture retailer has launched this indoor garden system.

The system is based on absorbent foam plugs which maintain the seeds’ moisture and encourage sprouting. Then, the germinated seeds are transferred in a pot with pumice stone that helps keep the water.

Afterwards, you just align the pots on the solar-growing tray that will help the plants grow without the need for real sunlight- just turn on the LED lamp. The tray comes with a built-in water sensor to make sure the plants aren’t being overwatered.

However, you can also place the units on a windowsill to benefit from natural light.

The chosen cultivars are several herbs, pak choi, lettuce, and chard and require seven weeks to mature.

Who Designed the Hydroponic Garden?

This amazing indoor garden is collaboration with agricultural scientists from Sweden and it’s definitely one of the most affordable hydroponic indoor systems currently available.

The senior product developer of IKEA, Ronnie Runesson, was inspired to create this system while he was living in China.

He grew up in the rural Swedish island of Oland and wanted to create a way to cultivate food despite living in an urban environment.

The company is trying to spread its sustainability initiatives throughout the world and has definitely noted success with their endeavors in the vegan sector.

They launched plant-based meatballs and hot dogs, as well as their new VAXT Burger- a vegan bun with tomato, red onion, egg-free mayo, and lettuce, including an optional serving of dairy-free cheese and it’s available in Canada.

IKEA’s Next Sustainability Projects

The company recognizes the growing demand for more sustainable and healthier ways of living so they’re currently focused on a circular IKEA new model which will encourage customers to repair and recycle their goods.