Boy With Autism Becomes The Youngest To Attend Oxford University At Age 6

Indeed, Joshua Beckford was never the usual child. At the age of two, he was already fluently reading and was even speaking Japanese by the age of three.

When he was 6 years old, he was the youngest person in the world to attend the classes of Philosophy and History at the renowned University of Oxford in England and gained a distinction in both subjects.

An Extraordinary Child

Knox Daniel, the smart boy’s father, recalls that the first time he became aware of his son’s high level of intelligence when he was in front of his computer; the father was explaining him the letters on the keyboard and saw that the boy was very good in understanding his father and even remembering what he was being told.

At only 10 months of age, Joshua was already reading, writing, and understanding the alphabet and could also point to colors’ names on a chart.

In 2011, Joshua’s father decided to write a letter to Oxford University in order to see if his son is eligible to become a part of their philosophy course designed for bright children between the ages of 8 and 13.

At their satisfaction, the university responded positively, and Joshua was the youngest member to be accepted.

What’s Happening with the Boy Now?

Today, at the age of 12, the boy is very advanced academically to be in third grade with other peers and therefore, he’s being homeschooled. He shows extreme knowledge in math, science, history, and foreign languages.

His dream is to become a neurosurgeon and he’s already on his way- he’s practicing gallbladder removals and appendectomy on his computer.

The boy once said that ‘Since I was 4, I’ve been on my father’s laptop and I’ve been using a simulator where you can exercise extracting organs. I want to save the earth and change the world and change people’s ideas about doing what’s right for the earth.’

The boy is also a talented writer- he’s currently working on a children’s book for Egypt.

His Condition Won’t Stop Him

Despite being diagnosed with autism, the boy is showing high adaptability and proficiency in the world of science.

When he’s not dedicated to studying and achieving stupendous goals than most adults can’t, Joshua is the face of the National Autistic Society’s Black & Minority campaign.

The boy with high-functioning autism is regularly spreading the campaign’s mission of emphasizing the struggles of black people when they’re trying to obtain autism support and services.

He’s also fundraising for three autism charities, one located in the UK and two in Africa, and is also an avid campaigner for a cleaner and healthier environment.