Brothers Born with Differently Coloured Eyes: Each One Has One Blue & One Brown Eye

Amazing photos portray two brothers from Turkey born with two differently-coloured eyes because of a rare condition. Mehmet and Kerem Selman, aged 11 and 4, each has one blue and one brown eye because of heterochromia.

They have complete heterochromia, that is, their eyes are of two different colours, unlike central or partial heterochromia which causes two colours in one iris.  

Two Boys with Different Eye Colours

The boys’ father, Suat Selman, recalls taking his elder son to the doctor after they’ve noticed the child’s eye color difference. The ophthalmologist told them that the boy may have vision-related issues with his blue eye in the future.

People with this condition are only a few and it’s more commonly seen in animals. Very often, when it’s seen in younger individuals, it’s a consequence of a genetic color abnormality inherited from the parents.

If the condition develops later on in life, it may be caused by glaucoma, eye trauma, or some types of cancer such as neuroblastoma or melanoma.

United Together

The older brother, Mehmet, says he finally begun loving himself after his baby brother was brought into the world because he has the same condition.

Despite this condition, these two brothers are very beautiful and photogenic and their eye condition makes them even more unique. Check out these amazing photos featuring these two cute brothers:




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