Man Quits Highly-Paid Job to Construct Beds for Children in Need

Indeed, many of you reading this article will probably agree that jumping into our comfy beds after a long day is one of the best pleasures of being a human.

However, not everyone has a comfy and cozy bed to come to. And, when Luke Mickelson from Idaho learned about children who don’t have beds, he decided he must do something to change this.

In 2012, he learned that some children from his community didn’t have a bed to sleep in at night. One girl had a pile of clothes and used it to sleep on.

He decided to donate a bed for the girl which he built on his own. But, his kindness didn’t stop here.

Man Helps Children in Need by Constructing Beds

When the girl was delivered the bed, she started to hug it and couldn’t let go of it. She was genuinely happy.

When he saw the happiness on the little girl’s face, Mickelson knew he would do everything in his power to ensure children can get a good night’s sleep in actual bed that they can call their own.

Mickelson who regularly attended church and had an amazing career and a well-paid job started purchasing supplies and wood to construct beds.

Often times, his family or friends would help him. Together, they had built 11 bunk beds in his garage and then 15 more the next year.

The Numbers Increased every Year

By the year of 2017, Mickelson and his team of volunteers constructed 612 bunk beds and he also launched a charity that he named Sleep in Heavenly Place. The charity offers training courses and construction manuals so that similar projects can be set up in other communities.

Now, there are approximately 70 chapters of this charity in 30 states in the country. Together, they’ve made beds for more than 3500 children in need.

With the expansion of his charity, Mickelson needed to make an important decision- whether to continue working at his highly-paid job or to focus entirely on his non-profit organization. The decision was to quit his 18-year-job and go from making ‘great money’ to ‘zero money’.

But, for Mickelson, this wasn’t a tough call- he knew that his need isn’t financial, it’s rather seeing the happiness on children’s faces and knowing he can make a difference.

Who Uses the Beds from Mickelson’s Non-Profit?

A lot of the individuals who ask for a bed from the charity are single parents who went through abusive relationships or foster parents. Homeless people are also frequently asking for a bed.

If you want to request a bed from this organization or if you know someone who needs a bed or if you just want to make a donation or contribute in some way, please visit





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