California Is First State which Bans Fur Production & Distribution

California is officially the first state to prohibit fur production and distribution.

The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, signed two animal rights bills into laws- one for the ban on fur, but also a bill that will make California the third state barring most animals from circus performances.

According to the state’s new law, residents of California can’t sell or make shoes, clothes or handbags with fur starting from 2023.

California’s Effort to Ban Fur Production & Sales

Previously, the state of California has passed laws outlawing fur trapping and LA and San Francisco had banned fur sales.

According a statement by Newsom, California is indeed a leader in animal welfare and this leadership will also be including fur ban. However, they’re doing more than this, Newsom added.

They’re also making a statement that amazing wild animals like tigers and bears have no place jumping through flames or hanging from trapeze wires. These two important animal rights bills have been praised from animal activists and groups.

But, there Are Exceptions to the Fur Ban Law

It’s important to note that the fur ban doesn’t apply to any used products (thrifting fur will remain legal in the state) or to clothing which is used for tribal and religious purposes.

Their ban excludes sale of leather, dog and cat fur, deer, sheep, cowhides, and goat skin, as well as anything preserved through taxidermy.

What Will the Law’s Impact on the Fur Industry Be?

This law is expected to reduce the fur industry’s economy that has brought in $1.5 billion in US retail sales in 2014, according to newest data from the Fur Information Council.

In case the law is violated, a fine of up to $1,000 will ensue.





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