Fish Attitude Is Changing because of Antidepressants & other Drugs in Water, Experts Claim

When fish ingest meds, like antidepressants, that have been improperly disposed, their attitude changes, discovered a study conducted by the Monash University.

Their research has been published in the journal Biology Letters and concluded that psychoactive pollutants may change wildlife attitude and mood, same as they do to us.

The active ingredient in Prozac is Fluoxetine and it’s been discovered in worldwide habitats, including Australia.

The issue with pharmaceuticals is that the receptors which they target are evolutionarily conserved among distinct groups of animals. So, medications that have been created for humans can also impact other species.

The Results Are Alarming, Say the Scientists

According to Professor Wong, the results were quite concerning.

They found that the exposure of the mosquito fish to Prozac disturbed their foraging attitude. Consequently, this can mess up with their survival as foraging is vital to their survival rates.

Their exposure to antidepressants can impede their escape from predators. The study is very interesting as it’s a one step further and it shows us the of a given social group.

Although the impact isn’t very high and dramatic- it’s scientifically and statistically vital.

Fish Are Ingesting Pills

Several species, explains Professor Wong, were found with antidepressants in their systems. They are seen in the tissues of stream invertebrates as well as in tissues of spiders that’re living near the water.

Other estimates done showed that on the basis on the amount of platypuses are consuming, some will consume around 50 percent of a human daily dosage of antidepressants, daily.

Genitalia of Marine Life Is also Changing

A different research done in the US concluded that marine life genitalia are also compromised due to exposure to drugs.

The one which has been the center of attention has been the chemical which is the main ingredient in the contraceptive pill and it’s a synthetic estrogen.

It disrupts the endocrine glands and reduces hormone function of organisms. Often times, species develop abnormal genitalia due to exposure and so, we see feminizing of male fish and even male alligators.

Can this Problem Be Resolved?

According to experts, there’s still no easy way out from this concerning issue and stopping the drugs from entering our waters is very hard.

One important question is whether we can better the elimination of drugs in waste water treatment plants.

And, another one is associated with our own usage of pills. Moreover, there’s lack of emphasis on the influence that products have once we take them.





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