Heartbroken Dog Tries to Dig into Dead Owner’s Tomb

Without doubt, dogs are one of the most loyal creatures in the world. Their amazing affection is always amazing and they will always put their owners first.

Their loyalty is indeed one of the strongest things and dogs can really suffer when they lose their owners. You can see their sadness in their eyes.

Unfortunate, this elderly dog from Fuping County in Shaanxi Province of China lost his owner and couldn’t cope with this loss. It was missing its owner so much that it tried to dig into the grave of the owner when he was taken to the graveyard by the rest of the family.

The 12-year-old pooch, known as Huzi, had begun digging the grave and refused to leave. The daughter of the owner says that the dog was ‘tearing up’.

Sad Dog Can’t Cope with Owner Being Gone

The man who passed away was nicknamed grandpa Wu and he was best friends with Huzi. Huzi is now living with grandpa Wu’s children, even though Huzi won’t forget his owner and best friend.

Grandpa Wu’s children caught the emotional scene on camera when they took the dog to visit the grave. Afterwards, the footage of the heartbroken dog went viral.

One of his family members said that the dog had walked around the tomb several times and lied there without moving. The dog started tearing and when they called it to go home, the dog wouldn’t move.

The daughter of Mr. Wu was saying to the dog ‘Huzi, come on, let’s go home’, but the dog refused to move away from the tomb of his owner.

His daughter explains that Huzi and Mr. Wu were very close and spent more than 10 years together.

After losing his owner, Huzi didn’t want to eat or drink anything for three days. Wu’s relatives say that they thought the dog didn’t like to eat because of old age; however, after the burial, it soon started eating again.

The family realized that the dog was grieving.

Despite not being reunited with his owner and best friend, Huzi will be comforted by the rest of the family who love and cherish him. Grandpa Wu, rest in peace. Our prayers and thoughts are with his family, including Huzi.

If you want to see why dogs are man’s best friends, check out the emotional video below:





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