Hunter from Arkansas Dies after Deer He Shot Attacks Him

A hunter from Arkansas has lost his life after he was attacked by a buck he shot, according to wildlife officials. The hunter was Thomas Alexander, 66, who shot the animal with a muzzle loader in the Ozark Mountains, near Yellville, Arkansas.

The buck got up and gored him several times. The man was able to reach his wife on the phone who immediately called the ER.

The personnel requested air evacuation; unfortunately, in the meantime, the hunter stopped breathing and was taken to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead.

What Is the Reason for the Man’s Death?

Even though the reason behind the man’s death isn’t entirely clear- whether he died of the injuries from the attack or from another medical issue- no autopsy was planned.

According to the officers, they haven’t found the buck which hurt the hunter, but they continued the search throughout the day with dogs.

Authorities added that this isn’t the first time a hunter is attacked from an animal- back in 2016, another hunter was attacked by a buck in Ashley County in the south of Arkansas.

How to Stay Safe while Hunting?

Wildlife officials advise hunters to wait at least half an hour before they approach the shot animal.

They need to check the animal for signs of breathing and approach them carefully from behind. They should also avoid the hooves because they can be highly dangerous.

The animal is wired to survive and they’ll defend themselves if the opportunity arises.





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