The Chinese Body Clock: Is this why you’re Waking Up at a Certain Time at Night?

Has it ever happened to you to suddenly wake up at night? According to TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine, it could be because of what’s going on in your body, according to the Chinese body clock.

The Chinese body clock is how the body’s schedule is explained in this medicine. Our body’s self-regulation happens at specific times during the day or the night.

So, this could be the reason why you’re waking up at a specific point of the night or feeling weird at a certain part of the day. To learn what it could be, it can be beneficial to look in the Chinese body clock for reference.

You’ll learn more about what’s going on in your body at a certain period of the day or night.

The Chinese Body Clock

1 am- 3 am

The Liver

Your blood is being cleansed, you need to sleep, recover, and rest.

3 am- 5 am

The Lungs

You’re in deep sleep, your memory is improving and your lungs are cleansing.  

5 am- 7 am

The Large Intestine

You should slowly begin waking up, releasing your bowels, and have a good meditation session.

7 am- 9 am

The Belly

It’s time for a healthy breakfast, restoring your focus, and going for a walk.

9 am- 11 am

The Spleen

This is when your thinking is the clearest and your spleen is converting food to Qi.

11 am- 1 pm

The Heart

This is when you should boost your blood flow and increase your energy with a healthy and nourishing lunch.

1 pm- 3 pm

The Small Intestine

Your energy will be lower and it may be time for a nap.

3 pm- 5 pm

The Bladder

Your energy is now restored and release liquid waste. Focus on work and study.

5 pm- 7 pm

The Kidneys

It’s time for a calm dinner and building the bone marrow.

7 pm- 9 pm

The Pericardium

Time for a light reading session, self-love, and intercourse.

9 pm- 11 pm

Triple Burner

Time to get ready for sleep and for the metabolic and endocrine systems to balance themselves.

11 pm- 1 am


The bile is now being releasing, you’re sleeping, the cells are repairing themselves, and blood cells are being built.





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