This Is Cupcake: Therapy Poodle that Visits Hospital Patients to Help them Feel better

Karen Simmons, 62, developed epilepsy so she needed to retire from working in the ambulance. But, her 11 dogs were there for her. And, Simmons noticed that one of her dogs named Cupcake that’s a poodle, was especially good in stressful occasions.

Soon enough, she came up with the idea to make Cupcake a therapy dog- after getting proper training; she’s now visiting care homes and hospitals and gives hope and love to patients.

Cute and loving 7-year-old Cupcake has been a therapy dog for 4 years now and she never goes unnoticed because of her quirky appearance.

Making People Smile & Helping Others

Cupcake regularly visits the Lister Hospital in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, and always makes patients and staff smile.

People who see her say that as soon as she walks into the hospital, people begin smiling and Karen is so happy she’s helping others feel better.

Cupcake is ideal for a therapy dog because she’s very obedient and calm. She loves to meet new people, but is also well-trained. She never jumps on people or bark and she has the best attitude possible when visiting the hospitals.

When this therapy poodle is in a hospital, Simmons takes her from patient to patient and the beautiful dog puts the head on the patient’s laps and waits for a cuddle. Patients immediately smile!

Simmons Was Determined to Help Others

She wanted to help others who were struggling with their health because she felt how difficult it can be after she was diagnosed with epilepsy back in 2012. She’s also a big dog lover and it seemed right to ‘employ’ her Cupcake to become a therapy dog.

She claims the dog always had something special about her and is now shining in her full light.

The dog is registered with Therapy Dogs Nationwide. This is a charity that assesses dogs and owners for volunteer work in elderly homes, schools, and hospitals.

The charity has 12 therapy dogs which help entertain and stimulate the patients or residents.

The dogs have all been vaccinated and patients are always advised to apply antibacterial topical gel, before and after cuddling with the dog, to avoid germ transfer.

Simmons claims that Cupcake is wonderful with elderly in nursing homes- a lot of which have their own dogs back home. She reminds them of their dogs and gives them a bit of a ‘home feel’.

Staff Loves Cupcake too

The staff is also happy when this adorable poodle enters the hospital- their jobs are busy and stressful and Cupcake is in a way how they reenergize and reduce their anxiousness and nervousness.

Together with other therapy dogs, Cupcake is brightening people’s lives and hospitals are very grateful that they exist.