Couple Quits Jobs, Sells House & Go on a World Trip with their Kids

A couple reveals that they left their jobs and sold their family home to travel around the world with their children.

Andre Baldeo, 45, former stock market trader from Enfield, London recalls how he believed he was happy and healthy because of his well-paid career; however, after a friend of his got diagnosed with terminal cancer, he realized he wasn’t living his life to the fullest.

Andre, who lived in Cape Town, South Africa, made the decision to show to  his children, Rico, 12 and Tiana-Mae, 10 that there is more to life than suburbia. He also convinced his wife Becky, 44, to take the leap and follow him. She accepted.

Family Begins their Trip of a Lifetime

The parents made the decision to leave their jobs and also sold all of their belongings, including their family home. And, they purchased one-way tickets for what it turned out to be an 18-month trip.

Since they’ve made this transforming step in their lives, the family has travelled 51,000 miles and 13 countries in Asia and South America and visited 48 cities. They’ve stayed in hotels, hostels, and jungle lodges.

They’ve spent Christmas in Tokyo, walked up volcanoes, explored the Amazon, and hiked the Andes.

The children were homeschooled.

Even though they’re now back from their trip and paying rent, they claim that their ALMOST $85,000 trip was the best decision they’ve made.

Why Did the Parents Made this Decision?

According to Andre, it was high time for a change and he fulfilled one of his biggest dreams together with his wife- travelling the world and experiencing as much as they can as a family.

Previously, they were working long hours and were stuck in front of monitors, looking at news, and becoming extremely depressed and lonely. For him, all of this was suffocating and he needed a change.

One thing’s for sure- this was a major life-changing experience, as well as inspiring one. But, Andre also says that it was one of the scariest things he had to do.

Coming Back Home

When they came back from their trip which made them sell their family home, it was all strange. They will certainly need some time to get used to a ‘normal’ life again.

But, he believes that when he’s on his deathbed, his head will be full of amazing memories and experiences and he’ll have no regrets.

Andre worked in London for 9 years as a trader where he met his wife, Becky, a PA.

Back in 2007, the couple moved to Cape Town and had the two children. They were living a good life.

But, in 2016, Andre made the decision to sell everything and travel the world and broaden his horizons. He wanted his children to learn from the world around them.

It Wasn’t all Rainbows & Butterflies

Even though it will remain as the best experience in his life, Andre recalls how it was difficult at times.

They were together all the time and they rarely had personal space. His only personal time was when he went out to run.

Also, living out of bags, showering with cold water, travelling long bus tours, and constantly being on the move was challenging. However, the beautiful experiences outweigh these negative ones, claims the family.

Where Is the Family Now?

After a year and 4 months of travelling the globe, the family was getting tired and was planning on going back.

They now live in a family home for which they pay rent, until they get back on their feet. Their children will soon go back into school.

Andre claims that it all now feels like a distant dream; however, their outlook on life has changed and they’re certainly better people because of it.

They’ve met all kinds of people and learned so much from them.





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