How To Prevent Your Car Windows From Freezing All Winter

Thanks to this method, you’ll be able to avert frost from sticking onto your car windows. So, you’ll need to spend less time out in the cold cleaning it and you’ll not be late for work, again.

Deicing our car windows can be indeed frustrating, especially when it’s freezing outside and we need to get into the car, get warm, and drive to work or elsewhere.

Best Cold Car Tips
Best Cold Car Tips

Many people use commercial deicers; however, they don’t always work and many actually forget buying a scarper before the cold weather hits. So, we end up fighting off the ice only with our bank card!

With this method, you’ll never have to get up much earlier to do the cleaning because it will resolve this problem long-term.

Resolve Iced Windshields once & for all

If you’re from the UK and live near a Halfords auto centre, you can get your car treated with Duxback. This treatment lasts up to 6 months of protection from frost sticking on your car windows.

This product was originally designed for Boeing cockpit glass as it helps create a hydrophobic effect that improves the visibility during rain.

According to Halfords representatives, the water falling on your car will run down and if you’re going faster than 40 mph, you may not even need the wipers to be turned on.

You can have this treatment done on your car for 25 pounds and they will treat all car glasses. The treatment is done by a professional and it definitely makes driving safer and less burdensome for you during rain and colder weather.

What’s also great about this treatment is that it will also ease the cleaning of the windows. Check out the company’s website to learn more if you want to step into winter prepared!

Other Useful DIY Tips to Prevent Icy Windshields

  • Rubbing alcohol

Mix 2 parts rubbing alcohol and 1 part water in a spray bottle and clean your windows with the mixture.

  • Vinegar

Combine 3 parts vinegar and 1 part water and spray the windows and wipe them with a cloth. Avoid using hot water because the windshield is sensitive to quick temperature changes and it may even contribute to the cracking of the glass.

  • Salt water

Mix water and salt and clean the windows with it.