Parking Lot Transforms into a Safe Haven for Homeless at Night

Unfortunately, homelessness continues being one of the major issues worldwide. It can be a consequence of numerous factors, including economic and social and it’s definitely heartbreaking to have no option but to live in the streets.

Some homeless people have lost their homes because of unemployment, disease, etc.

They spend their days and nights on the streets and covered with newspapers and cardboxes.

These people also look through garbage bins for food or wait outside of restaurants for leftovers.

However, an Australian organization called Beddown is trying to change this and help the homeless. This charity is located in Brisbane and they’re using parking lots to make bedrooms for homeless people at night.

How Are Parking Lots Transformed into Bedrooms for the Homeless?

The volunteers place several beds in the lots and also provide the homeless with helpful services like dental and medical access and hairdressers too.

The goal of this initiative is to improve sleep quality for the homeless, but also to help them back on their feet. They’re also given new clothes. The organization is doing their best to provide as comfy beds as possible so that the homeless can get good night’s sleep.

The volunteers use public places that are used in the daytime and not used in the nighttime, one example are some parking places.

Unfortunately, sleeplessness is a big issue among homeless people so having a shelter and a safe and secure place to rest will be of great aid, claims the organization on their Instagram page.

The organization’s founder, Norman McGillivray, came up with the idea for the project when he was walking through an empty parking. So, he reached out to the one of the largest car parking operators in Brisbane to ask if a trial was possible.

Even though the project is only available in Brisbane, the charity is planning to expand their project further to other destinations.

Beddown Trial Statistics

The statistics provided by the organization are indeed amazing- 41 guests used the beds during the pilot season and 100 percent of them stated that they felt safe.

They also rated their beds and sleep at 4.5 out of 5. The youngest homeless person who was part of the project was only 15-years-old, unfortunately.

Without doubt, life today can be very challenging and the organization is happy that they’re doing some good.