4-Year-Old Isla Heroically Saves Her Mother’s Life by Calling 911 After She Collapsed

Isla Glaser was at home with her younger siblings on the 6th of December when her mother, Haley Glaser, collapsed on the floor and wasn’t responsive.

Isla, her 4-year-old daughter, tried to wake her up; however, when she saw that her efforts weren’t paying off, she knew she needed help.

In an amazing 911 call, Isla calmly spoke and reported what happened in her home.

She said that her mommy fell down and she was unable to talk and added that her mom wasn’t sleeping, after being asked by the dispatcher if her mommy was maybe sleeping.

4-Year-Old Calls 911 for Help after Mother Falls Unconscious

The dispatcher then asked the girl several other questions about the incident, including things like ‘are your mommy’s eyes open’, ‘what room are you in’, ‘where is your daddy’, and more.

Isla calmly answered all of these questions and also emphasized that her mother had been sick and had fever before the fall.

The young girl said that she was at home with her 2-year-old sister and 1-year-old brother. The dispatcher told her to stay on the line until the first responders arrive.

Afterwards, when the Franklin Township Police Department came at the house, they saw that the door was locked, but luckily, they instructed Isla how to open it up. The cute and brave girl successfully pushed a chair next to the door and stood on top of it so that she can unlock the door.

In the same time, she was also hushing their dog that was barking the responders.

According to the police members, Isla also fed her younger siblings while the doctors tended to her mother. She also reassured her siblings that ‘it will all be okay’.

What Happened to the Mother of Three?

The mother was immediately transported to a hospital and treated for 4 days. The police didn’t disclose the reason behind the mother’s fainting; however, they confirmed she was later released at home and recuperating.

The police department honored brave little Isla in front of a group of reporters for her fast and life-saving attitude which the reporters claimed ‘it saved her mother’s life’.

The department wrote on a moving Facebook post that ‘today, we got to commend Isla for the great job she did calling 911 to get her mom help. It was amazing to celebrate this amazing young lady!’




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