A Security Cam Captures This UPS Delivery Guy Being A Hero And Doing His Best To Deliver What He Has To

We definitely can’t get enough of amazing delivery worker stories.

Last time, we had a delivery guy who was so excited finding a package of snacks left by the home owner and this time, we have an UPS delivery guy who didn’t allow the slippery surface to prevent him from delivering a package.

Even though people often complain about the slow deliveries, especially during the holiday season, these workers don’t have it easy and have so much work to do.

Delivery workers are indeed wonderful and do their best.

UPS Delivery Guy Slides & Falls on Icy Surface but Gets Package to the Door

Regardless of the season, some delivery companies have great employees who do their best to deliver packages in time, despite weather conditions, too many orders, etc.

This was also the case with a worker from UPS whose ‘bravery’ was caught on the security camera while he was trying to deliver a package to the doorstep on an icy driveway.

After being uploaded on YouTube by Walt Gorczowski, the man for whom the delivery was, it has been viewed more than 2.56 million times.

What’s more, the company recognized the worker’s dedication and reached out to the community to help them identify him.

Gorczowski recalls hearing the UPS truck pulling by so he opened the garage and told the delivery guy to leave the package on the sidewalk and that he would later figure out how to take it.

However, the worker insisted getting it to him. He claims that the guy was awesome and very dedicated.

According to a company representative, UPS employees are known to be highly dedicated to their customers.

Sometimes, like this video shows, some of them get quite creative in how they deliver packages in challenging situations; in this case, a major obstacle was the icy and slippery sidewalk.

Delivery Workers go above & beyond

They add that the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is beyond busy- in 2019, they estimate a delivery of more than 32 million packages on a daily basis in the US and worldwide.

This is a 60 percent increase from their regular daily volume in the rest of the season.

To go through this busy season easily, UPS network has advanced operational and customer tech, highly automated capacity, and 100,000 seasonal employees who apparently are amazing!

Do you personally have any stories about delivery guys going above and beyond to deliver your goods? If you do, don’t forget to share them with us in the comment section.

Before you head out, make sure you check out the amazing video of the UPS delivery guy who slipped and even fell on the icy surface, but got the package right in front of the door!





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