New Toilet Seat Makes People Spend less Time in the Bathroom on their Phones

For a lot of people, especially workers, a bathroom is more than the place we go to when nature calls.

It’s the ideal time to ‘hide’ a bit from colleagues and get some peace and checking out our phone while seated on the toilet seat.

However, this UK startup company will probably impede the long bathroom pauses with their new toilet seat design.

Namely, their design comes with a 13 degree forward slope that causes strong leg strains if you sit on it longer than 5 minutes.

Get the Job Done & Get Back to Work

In the UK, estimates show that extended employee breaks cost the industry and commerce around $5.2 billion per year.

Their Unique Patent Application, applicable in the UK and throughout the world, provides the ability to enhance the workers’ efficiency and increase the profits by lowering the usage of social media, claims the creator of this new design.

According to the company, this toilet seat has a horizontal seating surface that makes sitting comfy; however, if you stay longer than intended, discomfort will start.

After 5 minutes or so, you’ll begin feeling as if you’re doing a low level squat thrust. Consequently, you’ll more likely to stand up and get back to what you were doing before.

Could this Toilet Seat Worsen Our Health in some Way?

According to the company, despite the discomfort this toilet seat causes, it’s not sufficient to impede one’s health, as some people have speculated.

In fact, the StandardToilet was backed up by the non-profit association British Toilet, claims the designer company.

However, as the goal of this toilet seat was to make bathroom experiences uncomfortable; it could be bad for people struggling with bowel issues.

So, many people continued complaining via social media about this new type of toilet seat.

As a response to the criticism, the company emphasized other advantages of this toilet seat like alleged reduction in risk of hemorrhoids that can be caused by prolonged toilet sitting and straining, as well as reduction of bathroom lines at malls and train stations.

If this toilet seat lowers extended worker bathroom breaks and if it helps us become more productive, it remains to be seen.

What about you? Would you use this type of toilet seat in your place of work? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!





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