This Model Had no Clue She Was Pregnant until She Gave Birth on the Bathroom Floor

This popular model from Australia had a life changing surprise when she birthed a baby girl in her bathroom, without knowing she had been carrying her for 9 months.

The model, Erin Langmaid, welcomed the healthy baby girl Isla May on the 29th of October; however, she had no idea she was expecting one because she had no usual pregnancy symptoms and due to using contraceptive injections.

The 23-year-old mother claims she wasn’t showing as she still fit into everything. For her, everything is so bizarre, yet they wouldn’t change it for the world.  

23-year-old Erin Gives Birth in Her Bathroom

Erin’s life, as well as that of her boyfriend and father of the baby Daniel Carty changed when the model started feeling sick one day and went to the bathroom.

Within only 10 minutes, her daughter arrived in the most dramatic way.

Carty recalls being caught off guard. He says he heard a scream and ran into the bathroom and that’s when he saw his daughter and remembers saying ‘wait, there’s two’.

But, this initial shock transformed into panic when they realized the baby stopped breathing.

The boyfriend immediately called an ambulance to walk him through steps to restore the baby’s breathing.

New Father Helps Newborn Regain Breathing

Luckily for the new family, Carty successfully restored the baby’s breathing. The mother and the baby were then taken to the hospital. The doctors determined that the model had a cryptic pregnancy.

This is also known as stealth pregnancy or when conventional testing methods can’t detect that a woman is carrying a baby.

This is a rare phenomenon and happens in every 475 women that usually have an undetected pregnancy until they’re 20 weeks along. For other women, they may not learn of their pregnancy until the baby comes into the world, which was also the case with Erin.

Settling into the New Roles

Weeks after this unbelievable surprise, the couple is settling into their new parenting roles. Carty shared the happy news with his Instagram followers alongside a cute family photo of him holding the baby girl with Erin watching on.

He wrote that they want their followers to meet their new little family member Isla May who lived in the mommy’s belly for 9 months without letting them know.

After several difficult days, the mother and daughter were ready to head home from the hospital.

Carty thanked their family and friends for the immense support. He also thanked Erin to her courage for something he didn’t think was possible- he says she’s a wonderful person who’ll be a great mother.

Erin also shared the amazing news on her social media and called the surprise birth the hardest week in their lives and emphasized that they were blessed with an angel.

Despite still being in shock, she claims she’s adjusting and accepts that this is their life now. And when asked if they would change something, the model claims they wouldn’t.






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