Colorblind Student Gets To See Color For The First Time Thanks To Special Glasses

Jonathan Jones, a seventh-grade boy who’s colorblind, got the chance to see the world in color for the first time thanks to his school principal. Same as Jones, Scott Hanson, the principal, is colorblind.

He was teaching Jones and his class about colorblindness at Lakeview School in Cottonwood, Minnesota and he offered an experience to Jones he couldn’t refuse.

Hanson told Jones ‘they’re all yours’ while handing him over the special eyeglasses that enable him to see in color. Jones’s brother caught the moment on camera. Emotions were flowing all over…

Young Jones Sees in Color for the First Time

The 12-year-old boy, overwhelmed, started crying as he took his first glimpse through the glasses. This moment left him speechless- he only lifted his thumb up when they asked him what he thought.

To test out how these glasses work, he went over to a colorful periodic table hanging in the classroom and his classmates also encouraged him to check out other things.

The principal told him to keep the glasses on for a while and even take them home that day. He wanted to help the boy experience as much as he can and maybe even encourage his parents to buy him a pair.

Mother Begins Collecting Money

Moved by how her son reacted, his mother, Carole Walter Jones, decided to open up a GoFundMe page to collect money in order to be able to purchase the glasses.

The company which makes these glasses intended for colorblind people, EnChroma, claim that the glasses’ lens technology filters out wavelengths of light and elevates the contrast between distinct color signals, particularly of green and red that appear similar in most color blindness forms.

His brother Ben said that the boy was very excited to be able to see everything; however, this was all new to him and he’s still getting used to the glasses, which the family managed to buy thanks to the donations on the boy’s GoFundMe page.

Everyone Wanted to Help the Young Boy See the World in Color

The GoFundMe page received a very good response and even surpassed the $350 target and got them over $25,000 in donations. The mother wrote that they’re blown away with the generosity shown towards her son.

The family explained that they’ll use the funds to buy glasses for other individuals who’re colorblind and unable to afford a pair.

What’s more, EnChroma pledged matching every pair which the family buys and thus, double the number of people they help.





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