Thousands of People in Switzerland Protest as they’re being Exposed to 5G Radiation

Thousands of people in the capital of Switzerland gather to protest over the launch of 5G wireless tech throughout the country in fear of it damaging their health and well-being.

The protestors expressed their dissatisfaction in front of the parliament building and were protesting to cease the construction of 5G compatible antennae.

According to Tamlin Schibler Ulmann, co-president of Frequencia, a group which was part of the rally’s organization, the fact that a lot of people came on the protest is a clear sign against the unmanaged introduction of 5G.

Will Protestors Succeed in Ceasing 5G Development?

The principality of Monaco was the first country in Europe which inaugurated a 5G mobile network this year in July on the basis of tech from Huawei, the Chinese firm, which is considered to be a big security risk by the US.

Swiss critics think that the electromagnetic radiation which this network emits can harm people’s health and the environment in comparison to previous mobile tech generations.

Several Swiss cantons have postponed the construction of these antennae as a method of precaution through online petitions.

The Swiss Federation of Doctors have also talked about a more cautious attitude towards this new tech.

People who’re against its introduction are trying to collect 100,000 signatures needed for a referendum on imposing a moratorium on it until the risks are adequately assessed.

Back in February, the country attributed 5G to three biggest operators there, that is, Swisscom, Sunrise, and Salt, and they’ve all been pushing this newest tech in advertisements and billboards.

By July 2019, 334 antennae were set across the country.

What Does Research on 5G Have to Say?

Until this date, there are a couple of studies done to find out more about the health effects from this new tech, including one done by the WHO.

Last year, the Swiss government assigned a team of experts to test the risks from 5G introduction and the findings are expected to be published by the end of this year.

What’s 5G & What Does It Mean for Us?

If you’ve heard about 5G, you’ve probably also heard about claims promising download speeds 10 to 20 times faster than the ones available now.

This is the fifth generation of mobile internet connectivity that’s all about wider coverage and stronger connections.

It’s claimed to help our smartphones perform faster and better online. This will mean better quality videos, mobile virtual reality, smart glasses with augmented reality, and more.

The tech will also require new phones that will work with it. These next gen phones will be able to switch between 4G and 5G for optimal service.

Some experts believe that we need it because there’s breakdown of service, especially when a lot of individuals from the same area are trying to use online services simultaneously.

5G will help handle better these devices working all at once, from video camera and Smart Street lights to mobiles and equipment sensors.

However, according to some experts, though the tech is already coming, there could be certain health risks associated with it, like 5G radiation.

Namely, as it’s a quite new, there’s not sufficient data on its health impact so in a way, we’re flying blind.

There’s also increase in specific types of neck and head tumors, which may partially be a result of the proliferation of radiation from cell phones. These elevations are consistent with the result acquired from case-control studies of tumor risk in heavy users of cell phones.

And, cancer isn’t the sole risk because there’s also data showing that RFR (radio frequency radiation) can lead to reproductive problems and neurological disorders, most likely because of the oxidative stress.






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