Goose Keeps a Shivering Puppy Warm After Being Abandoned on the Street

Every human being has empathy in our DNA and thus, we have the capacity to understand others and share their feelings, some people less and some more.

However, we’re not the only species with empathy, animals know it well too. They’re able to empathize not just with other animals, but with humans as well.

And, this goose that’s warming up a shivering puppy is a perfect example of this.

It’s a reminder that kindness is what matters in this world and that we should always do our best to help those in need.

In thee couple of photos that quickly went viral, we can clearly see that the goose is using its wings to calm the puppy and make him feel comfortable.

Goose Cradles a Confused Puppy

The people who took the photo claim that they’ve found the duck hugging the puppy during cold weather in Montana.

The puppy was probably abandoned after birth and was outside in the streets and shivering because of the low temperatures. This is when the duck decided to help the puppy and used is wings to warm it up.

It also petted the puppy using its beak and then the puppy fell asleep in the embrace of this kind animal. The goose’s mother instinct kicked in and she knew she needed to protect the puppy. She sheltered it and they heated up together.

The photos have been appearing since 2017 on Chinese social media.

Dogs & Ducks can Be Good Friends?

Did you know that this the first time that dogs and ducks are witnessed sharing such moments? In fact, a lot of ducks and dogs actually become good friends and socialize well.

Despite the back story of these photos is not entirely clear, birds and dogs seem to be able to befriend each other. Believe it or not, a pelican from Turkey named Osman became a local celebrity after becoming friends with a dog.




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