Schoolboy Shaves His Head So He And Friend With Cancer Can ‘Be Bald Together’

Olly Spencer manages to collect 1,200 pounds for the Macmillan Cancer Support charity for his best friend who was diagnosed with leukemia.

After seeing his classmate who had a shaved hair due to receiving treatment for his cancer, the 7-year-old Olly wanted to do something and make his friend feel supported.

After coming home from school one day, the boy asked his mother if he could shave his head as a symbol of support for his buddy, Tommy-Lee Hetherington. The boy said that when he saw that his buddy had no hair, he felt sad and didn’t want his friend to feel alone.

He wanted to help him get better and he wanted the cancer to go away.

Real Friends Are there for You in the Ups & Downs

Olly’s mother said that the boy was always helpful towards his peers. Olly went out of his way to ensure Tommy felt supported and welcomed.

When they became good friends, the mother recalls, the boy immediately realized that there’s a problem. He understood that the boy was ill, but he didn’t know what the disease was.

The two boys who attend Woolden Hill Primary School in Leicestershire are now best friends.

Tommy’s Emotional Story

Tommy has been diagnosed with leukemia and spent time in the ICU after going through sepsis, a collapsed lung, and an enlarged pancreas.

The boy indeed had a difficult time, but the cancer is now in remission; unfortunately, due to the treatments, he lost all of his hair.

His mother, Kelly, stated that Tommy had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This devastated his entire family and changed their lives overnight. The doctors told them that the treatment would last three and a half years, approximately.

The boy immediately started chemo and intensive therapy with steroids, blood transfusions, and lumber punctions.

The family was shocked and stressed, but they’re glad the boy is still happy and positive and they say he keeps on amazing them daily.

The boy has taken everything in his stride- he’s a brave soldier who doesn’t deserve having this cruel disease. When his mother learned about Olly’s move, she was very proud.

And, she was also glad that the boy collected funds that will help other ill kids at the Leicester Royal Infirmary.

After learning of the Olly and Tommy story, the funds begun coming in. Everyone is proud of Olly not only for his bravery at such a young age, but also because he showed support only in a way that true friends can!




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