Indian Villagers Knit Jumpers for Elephants to Protect them from Cold

Elephants in India are wearing colorful woolen jumpers knitted by villagers to keep them safe from nearly freezing temperatures.

The women who knit the jumpers from the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Mathura began making this pajama-like apparel after staff from the centre warned about temperatures approaching to zero at night back in 2017.

The conservation centre takes in elephants that have been neglected or mistreated by cruel people.

The beautifully embroidered outfits cover the elephants’ legs, neck, and back.

We Need to Take Care of Elephants

The founder of the centre, Kartick Satyanarayan explained that it was crucial to keep previously-abused elephants warm.

They’re weak and vulnerable because of the immense abuse they’ve went through and this makes them even more prone to diseases like pneumonia.

What’s more, low temperatures worsen the health of the elephants with arthritis, a common issue in the rescued animals the centre deals with.

They’ve had more than 20 elephants rescued from captivity, trafficking mafia, and exploited for circuses and street begging. The people behaved cruelly towards them and abused them.

The staff plans on rescuing more elephants and hopes to secure additional land that will help expand the sanctuary.

Global Warming & Climate Change Is Affecting Everyone

Climate change and the increase of our planet’s temperature will probably be one of the major contributors to species extinction.

As it’s happening very fast, a lot of the aquatic and land creatures that live in areas severely affected by climate change suffer the most, elephants included.

These lovely wildlife animals are admired by many for their emotions and intelligence. They are amazing creatures that have a sense of sound, smell, touch, and sight.

Therefore, they can feel the increase in cold temperatures. Indeed, seeing them suffering from climate change breaks our hearts.




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