The Netherlands Becomes the First Country without Stray Dogs

The Netherlands has no longer stray dogs living on their streets. They brought the stray dog population to zero by encouraging people to adopt instead of buying dogs. But, there have been other decisive factors too.

Estimates show that there are more than 200 million stray dogs in the world. A large part of these dogs are in Indonesia, Bali, and India where stray dogs are considered a part of the daily life.

However, this issue isn’t exclusive to Asia. According to the NPR, in 2017, approximately 3.3 million dogs are placed into shelters in the US on a yearly basis.

How The Netherlands Removed Dogs from their Streets?

Stray dog population in the Netherlands is kept under control and according to the country’s statements; they no longer have dogs living on the streets because of several vital factors.

The country achieved this thanks to the CNVR program, that is, Collect, Neuter, Vaccinate, and Return.

They also have animal police force called the Netherlands Animal Control. They monitor crimes against rescues and pets.

And, citizens can call the organization when they spot a stray dog on the street. They immediately take the animal and place it in a no-kill shelter.

Plus, their citizens are highly encouraged to adopt animals rather than to buy them. In fact, in some municipalities, there are higher taxes for dogs bought from shops to make people adopt because of financial reasons.

Sterilization and castration are also mandatory in the Netherlands. These services are free and it’s also possible to take the dog to a health check and vaccination free of charge.

After the implementation of these legislations three years ago, 70 percent of the female dogs have been sterilized.

The Dutch government also implemented strict laws concerning the animal welfare to help keep the animals healthy and respect animal rights.

Any neglect or cruelty towards an animal is punishable with a prison sentence of 3 years and a fine of approximately 16,000 Euros. The abandonment of pets is also illegal there.

The Netherlands is indeed a very dog-friendly country who takes their pets with them all the time- in their bike baskets while they’re cycling, while drinking coffee at a coffee shop or while commuting in the bus.

Why Should You Adopt a Stray Dog?

The Humane Society of the US advises people who’re looking for a pet to first go to an animal shelter and maybe find the right pet for them. This is because shelters take in millions of abused, stray, and lost animals on a yearly basis.

When you adopt an animal, you’re making space for another one to be placed there. What’s more, adopting is less costly and you help save a dog from euthanasia.

Even though most of the shelters in the Netherlands may be of a no-kill type, in the US, almost 3 million dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters every year due to overpopulation.

This is because a lot of pets come into the shelters and only few people adopt when they want a pet.

The Humane Society claims that the number of euthanized animals could be decreased if people were adopting more. When we adopt, this loving animal becomes a part of our family and we also help make place for another animal that’s in desperate need of a shelter.





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