Justice for Dog whose Owner Shot & Dragged because it Gave Birth

A dog that was filmed being dragged along the ground by its owner after allegedly being shot because she gave birth to puppies has died. Horrified passersby took the video of the Spanish hunter abusing the animal.

The dog was rescued, but severely injured and was treated in the animal clinic in Lugo, Galicia, but unfortunately, it didn’t survive.

The owner who remains unidentified who’s said to be around the age of 60 could face a prison sentence of around 2 years and a high fine for his crimes.

Both local vets and animal activist groups have pledged to take the necessary legal action against this individual.  

Justice for Alma: Tortured Dog Didn’t Make It

An online petition which has been titled Justice for Alma has been already signed by thousands of people who’re calling for ‘full weight of the law to fall on this lunatic.’

According to the petition, Alma is a dog with young puppies and fought for her life after she was beaten by her owner and shot twice which caused major injuries.

Thanks to people passing by, a video of this horrifying act was taken and the person was reported to the police.

Animal lovers are asking for people’s collaboration to ensure this man is punished for his horrible crime.

On the video, the unnamed owner can be heard arguing with the man who’s filming him while he’s dragging the poor and agonizing animal.

The northern Spain animal welfare group Mundo Vivo published an image of the dog and the video from the incident and wrote that ‘this happened in Chantada, Lugo’.

The owner shot and broke its humeri and then beat it around the head and dragged it to finish the job.

The animal’s crime was giving birth. The dog was in a severe condition in a vet hospital.

Animal Abuse Has to Be Punished

According to president of Spanish animal rights’ party, PACMA, Laura Duarte, the rage and revulsion concerning this footage make her feel indescribable.

She claims that in this county, this type of savage behavior isn’t always punished with prison and they’re fighting for this to change.

Some local reports claim that the abuser even said at one point that he can shoot ‘whoever the f**k he wants to shoot.’

For a local station, Virginia Gonzalez and her husband Ramon Feijoo who took the video said that they heard a shot and a dog’s barking and then they saw this man holding a gun.

He told them that he was taking the animal home and that he was a hunter. When the couple told him they would call the police, the man started pulling the dog with a rope tied around its neck.

The husband pulled out his phone and started filming because they didn’t know what could happen.





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