Man Successfully Lines Up His 17 Dachshunds Dressed in Christmas Sweaters to Pose for a Photo

These 17 sausage dogs that live together have definitely celebrated Christmas in style with their own family photo.

Their owner, Liam Beach, 20 years old from Rhondda, Wales decided to dress up his 17 sausage dogs in festive jumpers so that they pose for a photo.

The pooches were behaving their best while standing on the stairs in their home in their cute jumpers.

17 Dachshunds Sitting Calm for a Photo?

Beach recalls that he had done photos of the dogs previously all dressed up for the holidays on the sofa and thought he could now do it on the stairs.

However, he knew that this was a challenge. He believed if he succeeds that it would be funny to see them all dressed up and lined up.

When all the dogs were on the stairs, 10 minutes passed. He spend around 40 minutes on making the perfect photo.

And, he wouldn’t have succeeded if he hadn’t had a bag of treats and a squeaky ball. After a while on the stairs, the dogs began falling asleep so he needed to work hard to keep them awake and looking at him.

People love the photo and they think it’s great and that Liam is lucky to have that many dogs.

This Isn’t the First Time the Sausages all Pose for a Photo

The pack also posed last year on the stairs after Liam’s friend challenged him to try and get all the dogs on the stairs. He accepted the challenge and succeeded. He even got a box of chocolates for it! He did it all within 8 minutes-amazing!

The new photo is amazing and everyone loves it- both Liam’s family and friends. They’re getting it framed.

When he shared it online, everyone was amazed by how he managed to get all the dogs to sit still. Liam claims that it’s great receiving positive comments as sometimes people tend to be a bit judgmental about the high number of dogs he has.

Liam is an animal management graduate who lives with his mother and father, their 17 dachshunds and their Labrador Jess.

Despite planning to place the puppies to good homes, Liam claims his family always got attached and couldn’t say goodbye to the puppies.





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