This Woman Hasn’t Cut Her Hair from the Age of 5 & Claims Man Beg to Sniff It

The 34-year-old Alyona from Ukraine claims it takes her an hour to wash her 1.8 meter hair. This real life Rapunzel also combs her hair twice per day to remove the tangles.

But, she washes it only once per week.

This woman claims that she receives dozens of marriage proposals from men on the internet who offer to come abroad and meet her.

And, some have even had weird requests like sniffing her hair.

Alyona Has Long, but Healthy & Strong Hair

Alyona maintains her hair healthy and strong by trimming the split ends every 6 months. She’s become obsessed with having a long hair since she was a child.

As a child, her mother would often tell her that a ‘long brain adorns a woman’.

The 34-year-old woman is also planning to grow her hair even more and claims that it’s the one thing that makes her stand out. She’s being original through it and keeps true to herself.

Alyona’s Hair Journey

The 34-year-old’s hair journey can be seen on her Instagram page. There, she posts daily photos of her locks and has, believe it or not, 13.7k followers.

She claims that her followers are a true delight and the best people who always give her positive comments about her locks and looks. And, there have been a lot of men who want to meet her and some have even proposed to her.

The odd requests like ‘I would like to sniff your hair’ make her laugh and she doesn’t answer the messages from strangers ‘to not give them hope’.

How Does She Feel with such a Long Hair?

Alyona claims she has no discomfort surrounding her hair and says her body is used to it. However, often times, accidentally, she may step on her locks and this can be quite painful.

She advises others who may also want to grow their hair that they need to love it and take good care of it so it grows and maintains its natural glow.



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