Enormous Hawk Wasp Carries Off Huntsman Spider For Feast In Australia

If you’re not the spider fan, you’ll definitely be shocked when you see this enormous spider carrying another spider!

On this unbelievable photo that went viral, you can see a big spider wasp dragging a huntsman spider to take it into its nest.

The image was taken in Bronte, Sydney and the orange spider is carrying the paralyzed huntsman with ease, even though it’s bigger in size.

Wasp species is known to immobilize spider prey with their sting and then drag it to their nest.

Spider Wasps Tend to Hunt & Kill Spiders

In the nest, the female wasp will use the body of the spider as a living host. It will lay egg inside it and it will hatch. The larva will then eat it alive, from the inside out. Oh, no!

Wasp spiders are very strong and are able to pull a spider which is twice their weight. The image shared on Reddit was already been shared 37,000 times!

Many people who commented said that they’re shocked of the wildlife that lives in Australia. One person even wrote ‘I think the best part is knowing it’s all the way in Australia and it can’t hurt us here.’

Yes, we certainly agree with this one!

Spider Videos Seem to Be Popular

Earlier this year, another viral video showed a spider wasp pulling a huntsman up the netting of a door.

Even though these spiders use venom to immobilize their prey, this doesn’t seem to have the same effect on humans. Although getting bitten would certainly hurt, it’s good to know that they’re not deadly.

Huntsman spiders are common visitors of Australian households, looking for shelter and food.  





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