Not all Heroes Wear Capes: McDonald’s Employee in Canada Admits Putting an Extra Nugget for 2.5 Years

This man from Canada, also called the ‘Robin Hood of nugz’ revealed that he was putting an extra chicken nugget in the McNugget boxes while working in McDonald’s for a period of 2.5 years.

Cody Bondarchuk, former employee of McDonald’s from Edmonton, Alberta said in his tweet that this happened in the period between 2007 and 2009.

He claims that some of his other colleagues did the same too and they would all try to do it whenever a manager wasn’t around.

They were 4 or 5 of them who were doing this, recalls Bondarchuk.

His ‘Confession’ Goes Viral, People Praise Him

The twit went viral very fast and has been retweeted more than 80,000 times and has more than 900,000 likes. Social media users are saluting this man’s small act of rebellion.

One person wrote that ‘not all heroes wear capes, just name tags’.

According to Bondarchuk, his motivation behind ‘the extra nugget’ is the desire to make people smile as they often heard stories of how the customers were missing fries, a sauce pack or a nugget.

And, the man’s deed went unpunished as he ‘never got caught’, even though he thinks his former managers don’t think highly of him now.

When one Twitter user asked for a statute of limitations on grand-theft-nuggets, Bondarchuk wrote that he hopes there is because he calculated and he would owe around $1600.

Was there a ‘Thank You’ from Customers?

Since he worked at a Castle Downs location in Edmonton, the franchise was mostly a drive-thru location so he doesn’t remember if a customer thanked him after seeing an extra nugget in their box.

He claims they never heard back from customers. Probably, they thought it was a counting error and, the ‘heroes’ were happy to leave them thinking this.

Sharing his story publically motivated other people to share their stories of daily heroism in their own workplaces.

One Twitter user wrote that while he worked at a theme park, he gave people towers of soft serve on cones, overstuffed pulled pork sandwiches, and tried to put in as much as chips he could into nacho boats.

Another user wrote that while she worked at a call center, when a customer would ask to waive late fees, she did it without any questions. Once, she was informed to stop, but she claims she didn’t!

To these tweets, Bondarchuk  replied that ‘each and every one of you deserves those bonus nuggets’.