Heroic Dog Gets Stabbed In The Skull And Almost Dies to Save His Owner

This wonderful dog makes a miraculous recovery after it got stabbed in the head while defending his owner during an armed robber that happened in South Africa.

His owner, Gino Wensel, 40-years-old, was exercising his German shepherd named Duke and all of a sudden, a man was coming towards him carrying a knife in his hand.

Duke didn’t hesitate for a moment- he growled at the thug and bared his fangs while the attacker plunged a knife using his entire force in the dog’s skull.

But, regardless of the blade in his head, the fearless dog went for the attacker and scared him off.

Unfortunately, the dog then collapsed and blood was pouring from his head.

Wonderful & Brave Dog Recovers after Head Stabbing

Initially, his owner thought the dog was dead. However, when he saw that he was still breathing, he called for a friend and they took the dog to the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa, a charity which takes care of all animals.

A spokesman from the charity said that Duke had suffered a high impact blow intended to kill him. The dog was in a very critical condition at first and his life was at risk.

Duke slipped in an out of consciousness and was administered sedation and pain relief. They made an X-ray and feared the blade was in his brain.

The images showed the blade was in three inches, but it missed the brain by millimetres and was turned towards the right eye socket.

If the stabbing was a fraction harder, the dog wouldn’t probably make it. The veterinarian Dr. Zheneta Stoynova operated immediately and removed the blade successfully.

Duke Recovers & Is Happily Reunited with Owner

The owner came for the dog the next day and they were so happy to see each other.

Wensel claims that he had no doubt that the attacker was trying to kill his dog. Unfortunately, around the area where they were in the moment, there are a lot of bad men and gangsters.

He’s unsure if the attacker wanted to rob or attack him. What he does know is that his dog wasn’t going to allow anyone to harm him.

Duke nearly lost his life to protect his owner. Since the man is unemployed and had little money, the doctors decided to not charge him for the procedure.

He is a good man who’s taking good care of Duke. They have a special connection that is amazing, claim the veterinarians.





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