Vegan Egg Sandwiches to Be Launched at 63 Whole Foods Markets in 2020

Vegan JUST Egg sandwiches will be available for purchase at 63 Whole Foods markets in the Southern Pacific region.

These vegan sandwiches will be available at the hot bar at select stores in Hawaii, Arizona, Las Vegas, and Southern California in the beginning of 2020.

According to Megan Tucker, associated product coordinator at Whole Foods for the Southern Pacific region, they’re always looking for awesome partners that will provide tasty and exciting vegan choices for their faithful customers.

JUST Egg Sandwiches in Whole Foods Stores

In addition to Whole Foods, customers can purchase JUST Egg in other retailers throughout the US, like Kroger and Walmart.

In the future, the company plans on distributing their products to China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

JUST Egg is increasing in popularity. They’ve recently purchased a 30,000 square-foot facility and 40 acres land in Appleton, Minnesota.

In the new factory, the company is able to make sufficient protein for 1.5 million vegan eggs in 6 days.

This product is loved by vegans– until now; it has sold the equivalent of more than 11 million chicken eggs. It’s also the no.1 selling liquid egg in the US.

The mung bean-based egg is very popular, primarily because of its taste that’s very similar to chicken eggs. The product is much healthier than a real egg and good for the environment.

Believe it or not, it requires 98 percent less water than other animal sources.

It releases 93 percent less CO2 and uses 86 percent less land.

What Is a Liquid Egg?

With the increase of vegetarian and vegan diets in recent years, plant-based egg market is a profitable business.

The global vegan egg and egg replacer market will be worth $1.63 billion by 2028, according to the global market intelligence firm, Fact.MR.

JUST is a company that responded to the market’s demands and created their signature JUST Egg product.

It’s a vegan egg product available in liquid form and packed in a 12-ounce bottle.

It can be used anywhere you would use whisked eggs. According to Time Magazine, it’s one of the smartest sustainable products of 2018.

JUST is an environmentally-focused company launched in 2011 by CEO Josh Tetrick and HSUS VP, Josh Balk.

The liquid egg is made from ingredients like mung bean protein isolate.

A single serving of this egg supplies you with 5 grams of plant-based protein.

In addition to the 4400-year-old mung bean, it also has soy lecithin, onion puree, and canola oil. It also contains turmeric extract that gives its unique yellow color.

The bottles in which it’s packed are free of BPA. This liquid egg is ideal for those who want plant-based eggs for French toasts, omelettes, quiches, or any other dish that requires eggs.