In this Indian Cafe, You can Get Free Food for Plastic Garbage

In this unique cafe in India, you can get free food if you bring in plastic waste.

India launched their first garbage cafe in the city of Ambikapur in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh.

This is an initiative of the Municipal Corporation and the goal is to enable quality food for the poor and homeless while motivating the collection of waste and maintaining the streets clean.

In this cafe, you get a free meal for every kilo of waste you bring.

Garbage Cafes, a New Method of Fighting Off Pollution & Hunger

These cafes aren’t unique to India- they can be seen in some US parts, Europe, and even Cambodia.

However, this is a one-of-a-kind cafe because the waste collected will be intended for the building of roads in Ambikapur, the second cleanest city in India after Indore.

Ambikapur already has one road entirely made of plastic bags and asphalt.

This is an excellent method to reuse plastic, but also to make the roads longer-lasting, less prone to floods, and other types of water damages.

During the presentation of the budget of the city, the mayor Ajay Tirkey said that the cafe would be operated out of the main bus stand and that it will be provided with RS 5 lakh budget.

Could Garbage Cafes Be the Solution to Plastic Pollution?

The city plans on expanding their scheme to eventually be able to give free shelter to thee homeless in exchange for waste.

This cafe is also important for the increase of awareness about the need to eliminate plastic waste. The mayor claims they’re getting around a dozen people daily. One day, an entire family came with big sacks of waste.

Unfortunately, a lot of Indian cities struggle with excessive amounts of waste. Despite several beneficial waste management systems, they still generate around 25,000 tonnes of plastic garbage daily.

And, only 14,000 tonnes of this garbage is collected.

According to co-founder of Parvaah, a non profit from New Delhi campaigning against plastic, this cafe is worth spreading throughout the country.

It’s great because it manages waste and enables warm meals for hungry people. This further motivates them to collect more garbage.

These cafes offer meals that are tasty and healthy, claims the mayor.





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