Service Dog Refuses To Leave Mom’s Side After Saving Her Life

Shauna Darcy got a service dog named Ruby that would help her cope with her depression, anxiousness, and agoraphobia.

From the start, Ruby turned out to be an amazing service dog and the best companion one could ask for. Her devotion had no limit and this was very clear from the start.

According to Shauna, while the dog was being trained for a service dog, she noticed how it picked up on her heart rate changes and began acting funny- she would paw at her, try to get her attention, and get on top of her.

Ruby Helps Shauna Discover a Health Problem

Shauna started paying more attention to Ruby’s cues and so she decided to consult a doctor. She was diagnosed with a rare heart condition known as vascular Ehlers-anlos syndrome.

Ruby had suspected something wasn’t right, much earlier than Shauna did. And, being a service dog, she began focusing on her owner’s cardiac problems.

On a daily basis, this sweet and loving dog helps Shauna with things like monitoring her blood pressure and heart rate, helping her during panic attacks, and retrieving meds.

She also carries groceries, picks up fallen items, and helps Shauna get things she can’t reach. Believe it or not, Ruby is also trained in deep pressure therapy.

Ruby Is a Part of Shauna’s Daily Life & Health Struggles

Shauna explains that Ruby gets on top of her when she passes out and applies pressure and licks her hands and face until she comes around.

The dog is there for Shauna 24/7, even when Shauna doesn’t know she will need her.

Last week, Ruby began alerting her owner about something. However, Shauna had no clue what it could be. She was feeling generally well.

However, in any case, she decided to call an ambulance as Ruby has a tendency to know something’s wrong before she does, so she didn’t want to risk.

When the ambulance came, Shauna was in pain and barely awake- her heart was going into atrial fibrillation. When the paramedics rushed her to the hospital, she knew that Ruby saved her life.

Amazing Dog Doesn’t Want to Leave Shauna’s Side

In the hospital, after being stabilized by the doctors, Ruby was still there-she didn’t want to leave Shauna’s side.

Even when Shauna was still unconscious, Ruby was lying in her bed next to her, probably hoping that Shauna senses her presence and feels safer.

A lot of hospital staff came in to meet Ruby because she was already popular from previous visits with Shauna.

Shauna is beyond grateful to have Ruby by her side and claims that her life would be very different without her. Ruby helps her stay healthy and safer, day by day.





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