Plant-Based Meat Options Shining at Special Aisles in Kroger

Kroger introduced vegan meat aisles in their stores around the US. The biggest supermarket in the world now has three-foot sections intended for plant-based meat in their 60 stores.

Kroger is testing to see if their sales will increase as a result of the variety of plant-based options available at sections where most consumers shop, i.e. in the conventional meat aisle.

Together with the PBFA, a trade organization representing more than 150 vegan food companies, they’ve launched the meatless aisles.

Julie Emmett, senior director of retail partnerships for the PBFA stated that they’re confident that their test will show them that the sales will rise when consumers are easily accessing the products.

Should Vegan Meat Be Placed at Meat Aisles in Stores?

According to a study by the PBFA and the GFI, a non-profit for advancement of vegan and clean meat, plant-based market is growing fast in the US.

They concluded that the sale of plant-based options elevated 11 percent last year and the market is estimated at $4.5 billion.

Alone, vegan meat is worth $800 million and the sales of refrigerated vegan meat increased by 37 percent whereas that of regular meat by only 2 percent. The study also mentions that this is just the start of a massive growth for plant-based foods.

The test by Kroger comes after the Beyond Meat brand merchandised vegan meat next to real meat in grocery stores.

Ethan Brown, the founder and CEO, stated that the strategy is reasonable- omnivores are the target consumers.

Their own research done at the time showed that 70 percent of their burgers were eaten by people who eat meat. Today, this percentage is 93.

Seth Goldman, executive chairman of Beyond Meat emphasized that selling vegan burgers next to traditional meat is successful.

What can One Find on these Plant-Based Aisles?

At Kroger’s, but in many other markets that offer meat alternatives, you can find plant based burgers, sausages, roasts, deli slices, seitan, tofu noodles, and more.

The testing period in Kroger’s will happen in stores in Indiana, Illinois, and Denver.