Starla, the Rescue Puppy that Was Abandoned with a Broken Spine & Mange

When the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was called to help in a case of a severely neglected and ill puppy that had been abandoned, they were aware that it would be a long road to recovery.

But, they didn’t give up and are thankful to all the good people who donated and helped this puppy’s difficult road to recovery.

Starla, the little fighter, was immediately taken to the vet hospital where she was properly examined and treated. The rescuers recall how it was miraculous that the puppy was alive, seeing it in such a poor health.

The vets were doing everything in their power to stabilize the adorable puppy and give her a chance for a better and neglect-free life.

Starla had the worst case of mange that the rescuers have ever seen. Her skin was very stiff and she was also unable to walk because of a spinal injury.

Puppy with Mange & Broken Spine Survives

When they examined the puppy, the vets also discovered that its spine was broken in two different places. Every time the puppy moved, the broken vertebrae rubbed together and caused excessive pain.

According to the doctors, the poor puppy was probably kicked so hard that it resulted in a broken spine. Starla was suffering and was in so much pain for a long time, wrote the rescuers on their social media.

They also noted that it was very sad to see this and that it’s so hard to understand how one could neglect this innocent dog to such a severe extent.

Brave Starla was given the appropriate meds and when she was stable enough, she was transported in NY where a spinal surgery expert was going to see the puppy.

Starla’s Journey to Health & Happiness

When brought in NY, Starla underwent an MRI so that the vets could have a better understanding of her spinal injury.

She was diagnosed with fungal infection on the spine- a rare and severe condition that can lead to entire paralysis if it’s not treated properly.

Unfortunately, the puppy’s back legs were atrophied because they weren’t used.

Little Miss Starla was brave and took everything in her stride.

The rescuers can’t imagine everything she went through, yet, they continue being amazed by her ability to so full of love towards other people and dogs.

The puppy is now walking and strengthening as the days go by.

Today, Starla has recuperated and has been adopted by owners who will give her all the love she deserves!





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