The First Solar Power Plant which Filters Ocean Water into Drinking Water Has Been Installed in Kenya

Did you know that around 71 percent of the surface of our planet is covered with water?

So, it’s quite unbelievable that every continent struggles with lack of water and even 1.2 billion individuals don’t have proper access to water safe for drinking.

This is sad and unfortunate reality that our globe is facing today. But, thanks to some amazing people who’re trying to create a better world, the problem with water scarcity is being dealt with.

One such example is the Give Power Foundation which aims to create solar solutions for developing regions which need it the most.

According to their reports, they’ve successfully installed a Solar Water Farm in the Kiunga region in Kenya where water droughts are more common than you may think.

We Should all Have Access to Safe Drinking Water

The organization’s amazing innovation is a plant powered by solar energy and two pumps that help transform the ocean water into fresh and drinkable water.

Thousands of happy people from the region have been reaping the benefits of this innovative and important tech.

In the past, before these solar panels have been installed, most of the citizens needed to travel for more than an hour to get fresh and safe drinking water for themselves and their families.

Other people have praised the organizations for being able to help in improving the access to water in this region.

The next plans of the organization are to spread this tech in other water-lacking areas worldwide. They want to begin with Haiti and Colombia.

How Do the Pumps Filter the Ocean Water?

The desalination process which is known to help transform salty water into drinkable water is a power-consuming and expensive.

So, solar energy may be a good permanent solution that’s less costly and power-consuming.

The NGO installed the solar water farm which harvests solar energy using the solar panels. These panels can produce 50 KW of energy and power the two water pumps 24/7.

Unfortunately, more than 1/3 of Kenyans don’t have access to quality drinking water.

The president of Give Power, Hayes Barnard, claims that people living here were basically poisoning themselves and their loved ones with the water they drank because of its high levels of salt.

Thanks to this technology, they won’t just drink quality water, but also stay safe from illnesses as the water they consumed until now was full of parasites and pollutants.





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