A 900-Pound Pakistani Man Is Looking for a Wife that Will Match Him in His Weight & Diet Habits

A 900-pound strongman known as the Pakistani Hulk is searching for a wife that’s heavyweight and can handle him in every sense of the word.

The strongman is 6 feet 6 tall and says he’s turned away as many as 300 potential wives because of fear of crushing them with his huge weight.

Arbab Hayat says that he’s been desperately searching for real love in the past 7 years.

The 27-year-old who claims is in perfect weight said that he has seen 200-300 girls, but they were all with an average weight.

900-Pound Man Needs a Wife with Suitable Weight

Hayat explains he needs a heavyweight woman so he doesn’t hurt her. He’s had candidates for marriage; however, they’ve been skinny in comparison to him.

For the Pakistani Hulk, the ideal woman has to have at least 220 pounds and to be taller than 6 feet so that they look right when they’re together.

The weightlifter eats 10,000 calories per day and consumes 36 eggs for breakfast, eats up to 7 pounds of meat for lunch and dinner, and has regular snacks of rice and bread and 6 quarts of milk.

Despite his weight, the strongman says he doesn’t have any medical problems. He actually says he’s ideally fit and feels good in his own skin.

However, he needs to continue working out and eating to become a world champion.

He wants to enter the WWE competitions. He’s trying to meet the needed weight goals and is consulting doctors to ensure his nutrition is right.

The Road to Becoming a Strongman

At a young age, realizing he was bigger than the average youngster, Hayat decided to train weightlifting and participate at strongman championships.

Therefore, he continued working on weight gain and muscle building.

He became quite popular in Pakistan when a video of him winning a tug-of-war against a tractor went viral.

Some claim that fans showed up at his home to take photos with the friendly titan.

But, just like anyone else, the kindhearted strongman wants a family.

He says his parents want him to get married and have grandchildren; however, he’s still searching for a suitable match.





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