Severe Winter Weather in Pakistan & Afghanistan Killed at least 43 People, Evacuations Are Ongoing

Severe winter weather has hit parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan with heavy snowfall, flash floods, and rains.

Unfortunately, 43 people died as a result and according to officials, authorities are struggling to clear and open the highways and take people to safer places.

The southwestern Balochistan in Pakistan where reportedly 25 people lost their lives was the most affected.

Heavy Snowfall with 6 Inches of Snow

According to chef of disaster management in Balochistan, Imran Zarkon, 14 people have died there in the last day, mostly because of roofs collapsing as a result of the heavy snowfall.

The snowfall also closed highways and some parts in the province had 6 inches of snow.

11 people died in the eastern Punjab when the roofs of their houses caved in because of heavy rains, according to the official in the state-run emergency service, Abdul Sattar.

What’s the Situation like in Afghanistan?

There, at least 18 people, children and women included, died due to the weather. Also, most of its highways had to be closed due to fear of avalanches and the heavy snowfall.

8 of these casualties died in southern Kandahar province. In the western Herat province, 7 people were killed, and 5 members were of the same family.

Three others lost their lives in southern Helmand.

Kabul residents couldn’t drive and were struggling to reach their workplaces on the roads full of snow and temperatures as low as 10-15 degrees Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit).





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