Joaquin Phoenix Leaves SAG Awards Earlier to Comfort Pigs at a Slaughterhouse

The actor Joaquin Phoenix had one of the most unique celebrations for winning an award at the SAG ceremony.

After he took a trophy for Best Actor in the movie Joker, the 45-year-old actor joined activists and offered water to pigs that were to be taken in a slaughterhouse at a location in downtown LA.

Phoenix could be seen wearing the same clothes that he wore to the show.

He said that most people are unaware of the murder and torture in the dairy and meat industry. He’s seen it for what it truly is so he had to be there.

Joaquin Phoenix Fights for Animal Welfare

According to the stellar actor and dedicated activist for animal welfare and a vegan since a young age, we’re morally obliged to talk about this and expose the industries for what they truly are.

He believes that we’re indoctrinated with happy images of animals grazing on farms at meat container covers and restaurants.

But, this is a lie- he claims that people have to learn the truth.

The Change Is Undeniable

Phoenix also said that there’s a change happening now and slowly, but surely, we’re getting there.

Even though it’s shattering to be there and give water to the pigs that are to be taken to the slaughterhouse, he has a dose of optimism for our community and people’s commitment.

He noted that people are coming there week after week and that he was there to offer his support. He said he’s blessed to be there.

Phoenix Comforts Pigs & Gives Them Water

The actor was together with the LA Animal Save group that is trying to show the truth behind animal agriculture and to inspire people to cease animal consumption.

Phoenix comforted the pigs and offered fresh water.

Amy Davis, founder of the group, confirmed the regular visits of the actor at the LA vigils and praised him for inspiring other activists, both locally and globally.

She said that they’re grateful for his voice.

Earlier this month, the actor thanked the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for providing a vegan dinner at the Golden Globes for the first time.





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