Allegedly, Parents Left their 2 Children at a Chinese Airport during Coronavirus Outbreak

A couple from China allegedly left their two children behind at an airport after their son with a fever was prohibited from flying because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The parents left their son and daughter at the departure gate and boarded the flight on their own to get to Najing city.

The airline workers and other passengers were left in shock.

China is being ravaged by the coronavirus- a new strain that has taken the lives of at least 26 individuals and infected more than 100 people.

The symptoms of the virus are fever, cough, and poor breathing.

The Children Board on the Plane Eventually

According to some individuals who were there, the children were later allowed to board on the plane.

The incident was revealed when a blogger shared images of the children on Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter.

The blogger said that the couple caused a scene at the Nanjing Airport after one of their children wasn’t allowed on the plane due to a fever.

The photos show the two children seated in the lounge unattended. Two other images show passengers waiting on the departure gate.

The incident happened on Wednesday. The family was to fly from Nanjing to Changsha with a flight by Xiamen Airlines.

One witness said that it appeared that the temperature of the boy was 38.5 degrees Celsius so the airline didn’t allow him to come on the plane; however, his parents didn’t agree with the decision.

The couple, according to some, blocked the gate and insisted that the workers allow their children on the plane.

The chaos lasted for almost 2 hours before officers came to mediate.

Eventually, the boy was allowed onto the plane, claim passengers.

What Did the Airport Authority Have to Say about the Incident?

The authority of the airport later stated that the children were allowed to board and were seated in front of the cabin.

Some passengers were concerned about flying with a boy who’s ill.

The 2-hour flight was delayed for more than 3 hours.

The Coronavirus Is Ravaging Asia

The deadly virus is ravaging Asia and it’s more contagious than previously thought. A person who’s infected can spread it to another one just by coughing or sneezing.

There have been 26 people killed, more than 830 are infected, and more than 10 countries have been attacked by the virus within a three-week period.

Unfortunately, experts claim the number of infected could go over 10,000.

At least 10 Chinese cities, homes to around 33 million individuals, have gone into a lockdown-public transport is halted and roads are being closed down.

Also, a part of the Great Wall and the Shanghai Disneyland have been closed to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus.  





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