Avon Is 1st Global Beauty Company to Cease all Animal Testing, Including Regulatory Ones in China

In December last year, Avon Products, Inc. has announced that they will cease cosmetic animal testing and rely on cruelty-free methods only.

They were one of the first big cosmetics companies to stop testing on animals 30 years ago and have worked with companies on a global level to create and implement scientific and cruelty-free alternatives to ensure product safety.

But, the brand was under a lot of criticism when it joined the Humane Society International Be Cruelty Free campaign that called for a worldwide ban on animal testing by the year of 2023 as they still did business in China which mandates for all imported cosmetics to undergo government animal tests.

The Brand Continued Striving for Safety Testing without Animals

At the time, Avon representatives said that they’re optimistic of Avon’s impact as a leading global company for cosmetics to help speed up the acceptance of the Chinese government for non-animal testing with the aim to stop animal testing.

To achieve this, the brand has partnered with organizations working on new methods for safe evaluation that doesn’t require animals and with personal care products industry associations.

But, with several investments to create new products and steering away from products demanding testing and exploring alternative channels of distribution, the brand has taken a major stance in the ceasing of animal testing for all products sold across its brands on China soil, but elsewhere too.

For PETA, this move is the first major step to becoming cruelty-free.

Avon has confirmed that they’ll work with suppliers to guarantee no raw products or materials are being tested on animals in the future.

Committed to Animal Welfare

COO of Avon, Jonathan Myers said that their goal is to deliver products which will meet customers’ needs without compromising their ongoing commitment to animal welfare, high product safety standards, and adherence to regulatory requirements.

He explained that by investing in their development of innovation for China and in changing channels of distribution, they were able to deliver this change.

Globally, none of its products are animal-tested.

PETA celebrated Avon’s ongoing dedication to stop testing on animals in the world and are sure that millions of consumers will do the same.

Avon Products, Inc. isn’t associated to New Avon LLC. The former sells cosmetics anywhere in the world, but not in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada.





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