Joaquin Phoenix & Martin Sheen Arrested during Weekly Jane Fonda Protests for Climate Change

Golden Globe winner and Joker movie star Joaquin Phoenix and the actor Martin Sheen were the latest celebrities arrested during Jane Fonda’s weekly protests for climate change.

The Fire Drill Fridays has confirmed the arrest of the two actors. The US Capitol Police also confirmed that 147 individuals were arrested; however, they didn’t provide the names.

They were charged with crowding, incommoding or obstructing, said a department spokesperson.

Joaquin Phoenix Didn’t Stay Silenced during the Protest

In a speech to his fellow protesters, Phoenix called out on the meat and dairy industries for their role in the climate worsening. Sheen proclaimed ‘let our country awake’ during his emotional speech on climate change.

Sheen’s also the president of Fire Drill Fridays. This is the 14th week of the climate crisis protests of Fonda in DC that have been attended by almost everyone from Ted Danson to Iain Armitage.

The protest this week was focused on banks and investors that fund the expansion of the fossil fuel industry. But, it will be the last protest for now as Fonda will be going back to LA.

The 81-year-old actress and long-term activist has been the host of weekly protests in DC for months.

She’s invited a lot of celebrities to join, including Diane Lane, Sally Field, Sam Waterston, Ted Danson, etc.

Even though Fonda and many of other celebrities have been arrested, Fonda said that they’re not doing civil disobedience as a first effort. She emphasizes that they’ve petitioned, wrote, marched, and begged, but the government that doesn’t want to hear them.

Fonda said that they’ve used every democratic measure and that now they need to take the further steps.

According to estimates, particularly one by the UN, raising animals for slaughter is to blame for almost 15 percent of global greenhouse emissions.

Phoenix noted there’s something we can all do, today, right now, and tomorrow by making a choice about the things we eat. Phoenix has been a vegan since a young age.

Using the Golden Globe Speech to Say the Important

Last Sunday, while accepting his award for best actor in a drama motion picture for Joker, Phoenix talked about the urgency of fighting climate crisis.

He also thanked the Hollywood Foreign Press for serving a plant-based menu and praised their ability to recognize and acknowledge the association between climate change and animal agriculture.

According to Fire Drill Fridays, more than 300 individuals signed up to risk arrest during Friday’s protest.





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