New Plants Are Already Seen Growing In Burnt Out Forests In Australia Despite Lack Of Rain

Wonderful photos have shown wildlife resilience as the bushfires continue destroying Australian land.

Photos show pink and green vibrant sprouts pushing through blackened forests that have been burning down in New South Wales, despite the drought and fire crisis.

This new plant life has been a symbol of hope in an otherwise emotional and sad time for a lot of people, mostly ones directly affected by the fire.

Amazing Images Show Nature’s Perseverance

The photos were made by two local photographers in the Kulnura area in NSW.

One of these photographers was Mary Voorwinde who shared these inspiring photos on her Facebook page, Photography by Mary.

She came together with Murray Lowe, a resident of Terrigal, to visit private properties on the fringes of a state forest in the area.

She wrote an emotional message as a caption of the photos, describing the sense of hope she felt after seeing this new life growing in the blackened forests.

She wrote ‘with all that is lost in nature, there is hope of life again. It was a humbling experience to visit the properties of locals and hear their stories.

They spoke bravely of the firefighters and emergency services who helped them through the scariest times of their lives.’

The landscape photographer went out seeking for a happy story after seeing the disastrous predictions in the media.

For Voorwinde, it was a symbol of hope in all the dead wildlife and burnt out home images. They wanted to show that nature was saying ‘it’s going to be okay’.

Even though it was quite eerie being there among the ash and black trunks, there was rejuvenation that gave them hope, said the photographers.

Large Part of the Forest Land Was Burnt Out

The Three Mile fire burnt 45,944 hectares outside Kulnura before the firefighters were able to put it under control.

This region was one of the first affected by the high temperatures and fires in the start of November, 2019.

The Facebook post also said that ‘it’s promising seeing the regeneration after the bushfires. New shoots from koala food trees and sprouting undergrowth put a smile on our faces’.





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