Isn’t this the Best Gift ever? Grandma Gets a Surprise for Christmas with Letters from Her Late Husband

This video of a woman from Virginia opening love letters from her husband who recently passed away has gone viral and believe us, it will warm your hearts.

Lauren Shackleford who took the video from the Christmas surprise said that this was the first time she saw her grandma cry.

Namely, her grandma’s husband and her grandpa passed away 7 months ago and this was the first Christmas for the family without him.

So, the family decided to make grandma feel better and remember the immense love that her husband had for her.

Family Collects Letters their Grandpa Wrote for His Wife

The family discovered letters that their grandpa was writing to their grandma back in the 60s when they were attending college.

Believe it or not, the man kept the letters all these years.

Shackleford explained that ever since their grandpa passed away, their grandma was doing her best to comfort them.

Barbara Shackleford couldn’t contain her tears when she went through the letters she received in an engraved silver box.

The video, liked more than million times, shows Barbara tearing down when she sees the letters addressed by her late husband Robert.

Barbara had no clue that her late husband kept the letters and this has brought back so many memories of the early days when they were falling in love.

Remembering the Ones We’ve Lost

Their niece Lauren said that this was the best gift she could’ve asked for.

The viral video is already resonating with so many people who’re also going through the same or similar situations and are struggling in the holiday season.

One person wrote that the most treasured possession he has after his dad is no longer with him is the index cards he sent to him daily while he was in college.

For another user, who’s a widow, this video is heart-stopping and jarring, particularly if we take into account that the woman is seeing a late husband’s handwriting.

For her, this is the most touching gift.





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