Baby in Russia Left Alone on a Balcony Freezes to Death

After a 7-month-old baby froze to death due to being left to sleep in a buggy on a balcony outside in the east of Russia on Sunday morning, authorities opened up a criminal investigation.

According to officials handling the case, the baby died because of exposure to temperatures of -20C for a period of 5 hours in the Khabarovsk region after parents left him outside to ‘sleep in the fresh air’.

Baby Left Outside in Freezing Temperatures for 5 Hours

According to reports from local media, the 40-year-old mother put her 7-month-old son on the balcony and expected to pick him up within several minutes.

However, reportedly, she forgot about him and remembered that he was left outside five hours later.

When she took the baby inside, it was no longer showing signs of life and they were unable to revive him.

The Russian media report that the cause for the death was hypothermia that occurs when our body’s core temperature falls down due to excessive cold exposure.

Criminal Investigation Is on the Way

The authorities inspected the scene and will be investigating what exactly happened and caused the innocent baby’s death.

Regardless, parents and carers must never leave youngsters outside unattended. We need to know where and with whom our children are at all times.

And, we should also help when we see another child in danger- if you see a child that’s injured or lost on the street and the temperatures are low, you need to provide help.

Some claim that children from this Russian region have been more commonly being victims of ignorance from parents and negligence of basic measures for safety in the last period.

During the holidays around New Year, there was a major increase in the injuries of young children from burns, fireworks, and falls. Doctors advise parents and carers to avoid alcohol and to keep a close eye on their offspring.





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