Bus Driver Sees 2 Wandering Dogs on the Road- Pulls in & Takes Them Inside

Thanks to a kind bus driver who decided to help two wandering dogs on the side of the road, a family from Milwaukee experienced something close to a holiday miracle.

On the 18th of December, the family had lost their two dogs after they escaped from the yard and wandered off.

When they noticed the dogs were no longer in their yard, the family started looking for them; however, after a whole night of searching, they were nowhere to be found.

Bus Driver Takes in the 2 Lost Dogs

The same day, somewhere around midnight, a bus driver Jamie Grabowski was finishing her route and she was driving back to the transit system garage when she spotted two dogs on the street.

With the cold weather, she knew she couldn’t leave them shivering and confused. Therefore, she pulled in and invited the doggos for an adventure of their lifetime.

‘Hey you two. You need to head home now- come on, get inside’- Grabowski can be heard speaking to the dogs in the surveillance video that was shared by the MCTS.

The dogs behaved friendly and jumped in on the bus while wagging their tails. The kind woman also called the authorities that immediately sent a police officer.

The entire time, the two good dogs waited patiently inside.

Grabowski told the dispatcher that she took them in on the bus as she was worried about their safety-someone could hit them.

Afterwards, the lost dogs were taken to the Domestic Animal Control Commission from where they were later united with their worried family.

Lost Dogs & Their Rescuer Meet Again

MCTS organized a press conference and the bus driver had the opportunity to see the dogs again and also meet with their family.

Stephanie, one of their owners, later explained that the dogs slipped out of the yard only seconds after her mom was taking them out for a bathroom break.

She thought they were never going to see them again and were panicking because they’re like their family.

Even though Grabowski is only a bus driver for some, for the dogs’ family, she’s a hero.

Surely, she’s our hero too- if only there were more people like Grabowski- the world would be a much better place!

Don’t forget to check out the emotional video of the bus driver rescuing the two lost dogs from the street:




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