Colgate Has Released 100 % Vegan Toothpaste in Eco-Friendly Packaging

The popular oral care brand Colgate has launched 2 new toothpastes named Smile for Good that are entirely vegan and come in a sustainable package.

This decision comes as a part of the realization of companies that they need to better their efforts and create environmentally-friendly and ethical products.

One of the toothpaste is for whiter teeth and the other one is for protection of our teeth’s health.

Even though Colgate is not an entirely cruelty-free or a 100 percent vegan company, these two products have been registered with the Vegan Trademark by the Vegan Society.

This is a certificate for the product not being tested on animals and free of animal-derived products.

What’s the Response by the Vegan Society Organization?

Since some users have expressed concerns about Colgate getting the Vegan Trademark despite not being an entirely vegan brand, the organization responded that they register individual products too to encourage brands without vegan products to encourage them to make vegan ones.

Colgate’s two vegan toothpastes will help you keep your teeth white without having to worry- these toothpastes have simple ingredients and come in a tube and cardboard that are recyclable.

They can be purchased throughout Europe, both in supermarkets and personal care retailers.

The Future Is Animal-Friendly

Today, there are a lot of toothpastes that aren’t vegan, some have animal-acquired glycerin and others have been tested on animals.

But, the good news is that there are excellent all-vegan toothpastes, like the Himalayan Salt and Aloe launched by Desert Essence in 2018.

They’re made with sea salt and baking soda and also have zinc citrate that helps prevent plaque.

Another vegan oral brand is Moon that provides an abundance of vegan dental care products, including charcoal activated toothpaste.

Last year, they worked with Kendall Jenner, a member of the Kardashian family, for the launch of a vegan whitening pen.

Colgate is a brand that’s making a breakthrough in sustainable and vegan products- they’ve recently launched a biodegradable toothbrush for consumers made from sustainable bamboo and packaged in a recyclable cardboard as an effort to lower plastic waste.

However, since the product is brushed with beeswax to lower water absorption and better the durability, it’s not vegan-friendly.

Their vegan toothpastes are in a way an answer to the demand of consumers and the rise of veganism. On a global level, the searches on Google for veganism have increased staggering 500 percent in the last 5 years.





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