Yes, Please: Domino’s Vegan Pizza with Plant-Based Beef

If you’re in the US and love to eat at Domino’s, you’ll be pleased to hear that their testing out a vegan beef pizza topping.

According to Richard Allison, CEO, the chain is testing plant-based toppings internally. Allison tested some of the possible toppings and stated that the industry is progressing well, especially around things which come in the form of crumbles.

He also added that it may also be available in the form of beef or sausage. But, unlike Pizza Hut that tested a vegan sausage topping in Phoenix last October, Domino’s is doing it internally.

The Urgent Need for Innovation

According to their statistics, the fast-food chain has missed same-sales for the US and the international market in the last 4 quarters.

Even though Allison thinks this has to do with third-party deliveries like DoorDash, Heidi Chung, Yahoo Finance reporter, claims that it’s more about their lack of willingness to try out new things.

Chung further explained that Domino’s loss of market may be a result of their slow innovation because they’re not particularly fast at releasing new products on their menus that will help them attract diverse customers.

Time for Veganism at Domino’s?

But, in Australia, things are better in terms of innovation- the chain had 3 vegan cheese pizzas added to their menu in 2018 after successful trials.

In January last year, they also added another option. Since their vegan options were quite successful, they also added 3 plant-based meat toppings, i.e. pepperoni, ham, and beef.

Half of the stores there sold out their beef vegan during the launch day, claims the fast food chain.

Will There Be Plant-Based Beef Toppings in the US?

According to the chain, there’s not an exact date of when they plan on adding their plant-based beef to US restaurants.

Allison points out that if the toppings turn to be appealing to consumers and if they have a stable supplier, they may see them on their menu.





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